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garage door repair uxbridge

Garage Door Cables

Need garage door cables replacement in Uxbridge, Ontario? We are here to assist. Our company specializes in residential garage door services and will be happy to help you with any cable problem. Our technicians carry several spares in their trucks, including new cables. So we find the right one for your door and do the service in a jiffy. But you can also count on our local repair team to fix problems with your Uxbridge garage door cables. Did one of them come off? Do they both seem to be loose? Let our pros take care of any cable problem today.Garage Door Cables Uxbridge

Call for expert cable repair and replacement

We respond quickly because garage door cables are extremely significant parts. They are connected to the springs and make sure the door is moving up and down. In order to open the door, the springs pull against cables. If one of the cables is damaged, the door won’t move right. It might get jammed or lopsided creating several problems. So call us if:

  • The garage door cables came off their drum
  • One of the cables popped off the track
  • The cables are frayed
  • You need to replace a garage door broken cable
  • One of the cables keeps coming off

Cable problems are urgent. And that’s why you can expect our fast response if your garage door cables snapped or came off. We do any repair work required in order to fix the cable and can also replace the broken or extensively damaged cables in no time. If only one cable is broken, we always check the condition of the second one too. We make sure the new cable is properly connected with the spring and brackets and the door is leveled. You can be sure of the accuracy of our job since we have been installing garage door cables for a long time and are very experienced.

It’s best to leave any job related to your garage door cables in Uxbridge to our experts since they are tensed parts and might hurt you. Call us for any cable service today.


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